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Commercial Haskell Accelerator

FP Complete is the leading provider of commercial Haskell tools and services. Let us help you succeed with Haskell.

This site contains tutorials, library documentation, best practices, and recommendations on how to adopt Haskell at your company. This site contains an opinionated set of recommendations that the FP Complete team found results in the best results with Haskell.

New to Haskell?

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Looking to up your skills? Check out our intermediate Haskell course syllabus or our reference learning material.


Want some help convincing your company to try Haskell? Want to convince yourself? Learn about how we promote Haskell.


Learn about how FP Complete’s Haskell Success Program can help your team in a cost-effective way.

Why Haskell?

Haskell is an advanced, purely-functional programming language. Its focus on strong, static typing and declarative code leads to code we believe is maintainable, productive, and efficient. Haskell is a general purpose language, with significant usage in:

  • Front end web development
  • Back end web development
  • Concurrent and parallel programming
  • Cluster computing
  • Financial modeling
  • Scientific and biotech modeling
  • Machine learning
  • Parsing

Learn more on our promote Haskell page.

About FP Complete

FP Complete was founded on the vision that functional programming in general, and Haskell in particular, can improve the quality of software development. We believe in using better tools to produce better results, and consider Haskell one of the best tools around. We have contributed significantly to the Haskell ecosystem, and continue to maintain large parts of the library and infrastructure ecosystem.

Our team consists of Haskell and DevOps engineers with significant experience in the FinTech, Life Sciences, Blockchain, and network/web services spaces. We contribute regularly to upstream Haskell projects and have founded and maintained such things as the Stack build tool, Stackage, the Yesod web framework, and the RIO standard library.

Learn more about FP Complete on our about page or our corporate website. We also regularly publish Haskell content on our blog.

You can see much more on the community page.

Why these choices?

The recommendations on this site are unapologetically opinionated. This is based on our experience developing in-house, open source, and customer software at FP Complete. We’ve tried to capture these ideas in our philosophy page.