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Haskell Success program

Teaching you how to use Haskell in an Enterprise environment

FP Complete’s corporate mission is to increase the corporate adoption of Haskell. One of the primary challenges we’ve heard from corporate users of Haskell is the need for commercial support.

FP Complete offers general consulting services, but for many companies a smaller engagement is all that’s necessary. That’s why we’ve begun offering the Haskell Success Program. Please see our corporate site for contract details and pricing.

For developers

From a developer’s perspective, the purpose of this program is to provide training, review, and assistance to a team of developers. This can work at multiple levels, such as training a team brand new to Haskell, or providing domain specific assistance to an experienced Haskell team.

Our training typically follows our Haskell syllabus, with adjustments made for your team’s skill level and goals.

Promoting Haskell

This program is intended to tie in directly with our push to help people promote Haskell in their companies. Our training offerings can help bypass some of the biggest concerns companies typically raise around the risks of adopting Haskell.

What you learn

You and your team will learn…

  • recommended libraries for productive Haskell development
  • improving performance of Haskell code
  • setting up CI/CD for Haskell services
  • how to structure projects for productive teamwork
  • best practices in Haskell codebases
  • pitfalls to avoid
  • how to handle synchronous and asynchronous exceptions
  • safe concurrent programming techniques
  • efficient data structures
  • mutable variables
  • testing in Haskell
  • network programming
  • serialization and parsing
  • interacting with external processes
  • web development